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Gratitude & Respect for our fine cocoa growers

Akesson's Organics, grows some of the most famous cocoa beans, with an extraordinary flavor profile.  Akesson's Madagascar Estate, has been recognized by the Heirloom Cocoa Preservation, and awarded the "Golden Bean" Award, by the Academy of chocolate, UK.  The Akesson family farms are based in Madagascar, and most bio-diverse forests in Brazil.  

Experience the incredible flavor and aroma of this fine cocoa

XOCO Gourmet, is a fine cocoa grower and chocolate couverture company producer, based in Central America. XOCO's vision is to maximize the flavor potential that superior beans can bring to chocolate by controlling the entire process from tree to bar. 

We can't wait for you to taste this amazing cocoa! 

Growing beauty and spreading love...

Rococo Chocolates have been making British chocolate for over thirty-five years. The company was founded by the famous chocolatier, Chantal Cody O.B.E. (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire), winner of numerous international chocolate awards.  Chantal Cody, is a true trailblazer and a pioneer in quality, creativity and originality. Rococo Chocolates are absolutely exceptional. Truly an unforgettable chocolate experience!

Growcoco- Rococo's cocoa farm in Grenada grows sustainable,  ethically sourced, organic cocoa. All Grococo beans are donated to the Grenada Chocolate Company. The Grococo project is changing people's lives on the beautiful small island of Grenada. 

A Google search "French Chocolates", was the start of our adventures...

Francois Pralus is an exceptional, international multi-award winning, Master Chocolatier. He is one of the few in France to manufacture his own chocolate. Today almost 100 tons of Pralus chocolate are manufactured and sold each year.

Francois Pralus, has been awarded recognition at the Salon du Chocolate, Paris and his chocolates are loved throughout the world. 

Artistic Brilliance Expressed in Cocoa

Experience some of the rarest cocoa origins, made into a wonderfully smooth chocolate, without any added cocoa butter.  Oh, did we mention the snap? It's just unreal!

Chocolat CHAPON, has been recognized at the Salon du Chocolate, Paris, and has been awarded with multi-International awards. 

We believe in the quality, artistry, and most importantly the wonderful taste of Chocolat CHAPON.

Coffee dreams do come true

Carre De Cafe, a creation made by Vincent Ferniot and Francois Pralus, has taken France by storm. This lovely bar is the winner of a Gourmet Selection 2018 Paris.

Let's discover a new world of taste, in a bar that is not chocolate. It is made of pure Arabica Brazil coffee.  

We hope you have a chance to consider this very special tablette.  For the descerning gourmet and coffee connoisseur. It is truly a delight! We think you will absolutely adore this bar!

Full flavor Candy

Zingerman's has elevated candy to the next level to full flavor. They use only freshest of real ingredients and have perfect the perfect balance of sweet, savory and crunch.   

What we love most about Zingerman's is the people behind this brand. They are focused and dedicated to support the people and businesses in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They have a community of eleven businesses and an incredible management training program, Zingtrain  http://www.zingtrain.com/